Saturday, January 11, 2014

This week's menu

As promised, here is my weekly menu plan. Maybe this will become an every Saturday type of thing, since that's when I do my menu planning and grocery shopping. I'm dedicated to serving good, whole, 'real' food to my family----and on a budget too!------maybe I can do more posts on that in the future as well :) In the mean time, here's some new ideas for you!

1. BBQ chicken and cheese quesadillas, roasted broccoli, apple sauce. (We use whole wheat tortillas)
2. Inside out stuffed pepper casserole, salad, bread with homemade apple butter. (I recommend cooking the rice first for this recipe, mixing everything together and THEN baking it. If you put the rice in raw, it won't cook all the way)
3. Mexican veggies on corn bread, Baked beans.
4. Spinach Quiche, Turkey sausage, Fresh fruit, Orange Juice. (You can make your own whole wheat crust for this if you want)
5. Hot turkey ham and cheese sandwiches, Green beans, Cranberry sauce. We use whole wheat buns for this recipe and it turns out great.

1 comment:

plantmyappletree said...

Haha, I just found your new header - I love it! ;-)

We will have to do some serious menu planning, too, once we move in our own flat. AND I will have to learn to cook for two instead of six. I wonder how this will work out.


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