Sunday, January 26, 2014

This week in the kitchen :)

My menu plan is a little late this week. We usually do our planning/grocery shopping on Saturday, but we were out of town. Better late than never, I suppose! I'm hoping that the cold and snow doesn't keep me from getting out tomorrow to get the groceries---I guess if it does, Joel will have to stop and get them for me. He's done that several times already this winter----he's awesome :)

1. Easy noodle stir fry ---This meal was Cosette's request, she really likes it. You can add chicken if you don't want it to be vegetarian, but we like it both ways.

2. Chicken and Black bean Enchilada casserole--We use flour tortillas for this, but just because none of us really care for corn tortillas. We'll have some kind of frozen veggie with this.

3. Omelette's and Rye Bread and fresh fruit. I don't have a link, sorry. One of the elders made this for us at the elder's retreat this past weekend, and I wanted to try to recreate it. I'll probably fail miserably, haha :) I DO know it was a bunch of veggies--peppers, onions, mushrooms, potatos, garlic---all stir-fryed, and then worked into the omelette. I'm probably missing some spices and stuff---I'll have to find out for sure some time :)

4. Lentils and Rice.  Yep, this again :) We loved it so much last week I decided to make it again. We'll have a garden salad and rolls with apple butter with this meal.

5. Salmon cakes, roasted ranch potatoes, creamed peas.

What are YOU eating this week? Leave me a comment---I always welcome new ideas!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Thanks for posting more often. I am going to try the Easy Noodle Stir Fry tonight since I didn't make a menu this week and we are just "winging" it for a couple days. This sounds good and different from our normal foods.

Anonymous said...

Thought that I would let you know that I made the Easy Noodle Stir Fry and it was a big hit! I only had about 1 cup remaining for leftovers! Thank you so much for the recipe. We will be making this again!

Anonymous said...

I think I need to try that Lentil Food, I love Lentils.

I am currently trying a series of "recycling" recepies for old bread (that I cut in small pieces and dry). With just 2 persons the bread tends to get old much too fast.

One solution worked out sooo tasty this week: I poured hot sugar milk over 6 handful of the dry bread and once soaked, I mixed in more sugar and eggyolk and a huge glass cherrys.
I topped it with sugar and cinnemon and a bit butter and had it bake in the oven for 20 minutes. Added some vanilla sauce it was a great and cheap meal and it used up the old bread.


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