Monday, January 13, 2014

Ode to the Sandwich

Oh sandwich, sandwich, what a friend art thou,
As a tired mother sighs and wipes her brow
"There's no left-overs, no soup, no burritos to serve up"
So she turns to a sandwich, fruit, and milk in a cup

Two slices of bread filled with endless ways to please,
Will it be PB&J, turkey, hummus or cheese?

Slap on some Mayo and put it on a plate,
Add some veggies and dip and your lunch is just great!

But Wait! you may say, as the thought turns to dread,
What is the proper way to eat this lunch upon bread?

Well, you may pick it up and take bites, that is clear
But that is most boring and plain, I do fear

For a change one day, IF you're feeling brave,
Eat your crust FIRST, and the best part do save.

This next way of eating is popular among the small---
Take your sandwich apart, but don't smear it on the wall!
Instead, eat the insides and THEN eat the bread,
You'll look most intelligent and very well read :)

So next time you find a sandwich is packed in your lunch,
Eat the meat and cheese first---you'll like it a bunch! ;)

(Hey, a girl needs to let out her creativity SOME how ;)

1 comment:

Momma Bean said...

Both the picture and this blog, make me think that the JOY level is increasing in your house, and that makes me happy.


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