Saturday, January 18, 2014

For the love of food :)

Here is this week's menu plan. It's a bit more simple than I sometimes put together. We have more than usual going on next week, and we won't be home a couple of evenings, so I needed fewer and easier meals than usual. But I try to still keep things healthy, even with a hot dog meal ;)

1. Oven baked lentils and brown rice. This was actually lunch for today. I added some cooked spinach and sliced baby carrots before baking, and then added  some cheese to the top of it at the end of baking time and it was nice and gooey. I would suggest a 350 oven temp. This was delicious! 

2. Crock pot turkey bolognese over whole wheat pasta, Olive Garden style salad, homemade garlic bread.

3. Cereal with fresh fruit. Yes, this is a DINNER for this week :) Joel and I have to be out the door a little after five one evening to go do a three hour foster/adopt class, so he suggested this quick and easy 'meal',  and I loved the idea. We got a big box of cheerios  and a big box of cinnamon crunch oat squares---we're gonna top it with strawberries, blueberries and bananas and call it dinner ;)

4. Loaded sweet potatoes---essentially, it's baked sweet potatoes topped with seasoned black beans, tomatoes, and cheese. It's quick and easy, and my family loves it. I'll probably serve some grapes and yogurt along with these.

5. Hot dogs (the nitrate free kind served on whole wheat rolls), creamed peas and cranberry sauce. I grew up in a house where cranberry sauce was a common side item; however, Joel usually only had it around Thanksgiving, so it's taken him a while to adjust to the idea of having it with meals like hot dogs ;)

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