Friday, November 01, 2013

You might be a Mom if.....

It was time for one of these!

You might be a mom if......

1. You find your tooth brush somewhere OTHER than where you usually keep it, and you brush your teeth with it anyway.
2. The entire top shelf of your fridge contains nothing but your family's supply of milk for the week.
3. Your everyday attire is jeans and T-shirts...jeans and T-shirts....jeans and T-shirts....
4. You had three people say to you "Your hands are full!" in the grocery store today.
5. When you buy groceries, you buy four dozen eggs. For one week.
 6. You have lego indentations on the bottoms of your feet.
7. You and your husband were in a hospital x-ray room not once, not twice, but three times in the past three weeks! And you weren't even the patient.
8.  You find yourself saying things like "That booger is WAY too big for you to eat!"
9.  You stay up way too late every single night simply because the house is quiet.
10. Your jeans pockets contents at the end of the day consist of hair scrunchies, legos, hair scrunchies, legos, and more hair scrunchies.
11. Without thinking, You start to cut your own grapes into halves, just out of habit.
12. You put clothes in the washer and then get distracted with a baby crying and come back seven hours later to find you never started the washer.
13. You can accurately back up a 12 passenger van on the first try----unless your husband is watching, then it takes five tries.
14. You don't remember your original name anymore---you now go by 'Cosette's Mommy'

What about you? Got any fun ones to add? :)

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