Tuesday, November 12, 2013

One hour delay.

It snowed today, the first snow of the year. So I actually remembered to take out my camera and take some pictures! So, drum roll please......a blog post! I should take pictures more often ;)  But before moving on to our fun snow day, one more exciting thing to share: Our home study is finally scheduled! We've been looking forward to that for a while, so I'm so glad to have an actual date for it in my mind now. We're moving onward with this process!! 

 My poor kids never get 'snow delays'---their books are on the shelf, ready to go, sunny weather or two feet of snow. So I decided to be generous this morning and give them a 'one hour delay'---time to play in the snow before we conquered our school work for the morning. So, on to our snow day:

Um...okay...no snow in this picture, I know. This was actually yesterday. 
Reagan loved sitting in the big boy swing. I think Cosette must have
pushed him for a good 20 minutes straight!

Ahhh.....here we have the snow! Reagan was so excited and kept
 running to the different windows to show me.

Best way to celebrate the first snow? Homemade, whole wheat, apple cinnamon donuts.

Always music happening around here.....

And thus begins the seasonal over-take of my laundry room by hats, gloves, snow pants and boots. 

Another book worm---we have a lot of those around here! We also 
discovered today that Reagan can make a pretty awesome 
Cow 'Moo' sound! Reagan's favorite books right now are 
the 'Baby bug' books from the library. That's what he's
reading in this picture.

Warming up after playing outside :)


plantmyappletree said...

Hi Jaime, haven't left you a note for ages! I hope you are all fine. I just tried to start a new blog from 2014 on and you are invited for a coffee there :-) Love from Germany and A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you, Helen

plantmyappletree said...

Oh, and the link for the new blog is: http://noreasontopanic.wordpress.com/



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