Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rainy day Stories.....

It rained today.

That could be the beginning of a very sad, dismal tale.

But anybody who knows me realizes that's actually my way of beginning a cozy, happy, 'feel-good' kind of post.

Now, if I would have had to take five little people out in the rain to run errands or something, it would have been miserable. But, not so today. I was glad it was a day where we didn't have anywhere to be, and we could just stay at home. We tried a new bread recipe, drank big mugs of hot chocolate while we did our school work, gave hot soapy baths to sweet little people, and watched the rain fall outside and the orange leaves blow on the trees.

But, by far, THIS was my favorite part of the day:

Two little people snuggled up on the couch, waiting for me to take that spot in between them and read a book.....and then another book....and then just one more book.......

And we did this multiple times today :) I have a continually expanding 'on hold' account at the library--meaning I always have 10-30 children's book selections on hold on my account. So, on any given day when I'm out running errands, I can stop by and pick up a replacement stack of fresh, new stories. I highly suggest trying this! If your library has an online data-base, log on with your account number, and just start putting books on hold. If I choose one book, the library's page will automatically suggest 12 other books like 'I might be interested in'. Love, love, LOVE this system! 

How to cultivate little readers in your house? Well, curl up next to them and read :) 

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