Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Day Book Post :)

What I'm thinking: I love Sunday afternoons. I don't get many other chances during the week to just 'sit and be still'. We purposefully try to leave most Sundays calm and free from too much activity, since we feel it's important for the whole family to just rest and recover for the upcoming week. We usually spend the afternoon/evening reading, napping, watching movies, playing games with the kids, or visiting with family. When you compare that to all the work and 'to do' lists around here the rest of the week, it's a blessed change! I know everybody's lives and circumstances are different, but right now, this is what works for our family :)

What I'm looking at: The beautiful fall trees outside my window. We don't have any large trees in our yard except for one lone pine tree, and I wish we had more. But I do enjoy looking at the trees in the neighbors yards :)  We do have a young pecan tree that's thriving quite nicely, and a smaller tree (not sure what kind it is), but it's still teeny eeny, not much more than a stick!

What I'm looking forward to: The guy is coming tomorrow to start putting in our new fence. We're having a large part of our yard fenced in so the kids have a safer place to play, and I can 'breathe' a little easier. Also, Joel is hoping to get our new pellet stove up and running this week sometime, and I'm excited about that!

What God is working in me: Feeling the need lately to let go of some of my 'perfections'---or rather, my attempts at perfection, and just concentrate more on being the mom/wife/friend/person God wants me to be. I'm realizing that life will always have 'stress'----everybody always has some kind of stress---no amount of work or 'planning ahead' will completely eliminate stress from my life. And I don't want to live being controlled by it---I want to learn to live my life full of joy, delighting in God, no matter what is happening around me.

What are you hoping for this week?  Hoping that our final background check papers will arrive this week so that we can turn them into the foster care agency and move forward on our home study!

What's on the menu plan this week? Well, we had these veggie quesadillas last night, and these cheddar ranch burgers today, this potato soup is happening tomorrow night, and these chicken legs are later this week sometime. And some night when the chocolate urge gets strong enough, I might try this cake.

What's up with the kids? Well, we thought Noah had his first loose tooth, but turns out he just banged it on the floor when he fell down. So, it's tightened back up, and I think he's a little disappointed ;) Cosette loves playing Dutch Blitz---but the game is kind of missing right now, so I have to go hunt for it later. Eli is moving forward and onward with his math---his hardest subject this year. I'm very proud of his determination and the progress he's made. Leanna and Reagan are finally learning how to play together quietly in the mornings while I help the older kids with their school work. However, they were a little TOO quiet the other morning, and Cosette found Reagan squirting toothpaste all over the bathroom :/

What am I reading? Just finished Instant Mom, working on At the feet of the Rabbi and our Sunday school book 'Becoming more than a good Bible Study Girl'. I highly recommend that last one! Joel and I are still reading an adoption book together as well.

Personal Challenge this week: To have my light out before 11:00 every single evening. I'm a terrible night owl---a night owl who also has to be a 'morning mom', haha :)

Scriptural Encouragement lately: "For if, because of one man's trespass, death reigned through that one man, much more will those who receive the abundance of grace and the free gift of righteousness reign in life through the one man Jesus Christ."  I love the 'free gift of righteousness' part.

What's making me smile today? That I'm wearing pretty new socks with NO holes in them. (My feet are rough on socks for some reason :)

I've always enjoyed writing Day Book posts, but haven't done it for a while. I may try to make it a weekly Sunday thing to encourage myself to at least post once a week :)

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