Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The dinner table

"All great change in America begins at the dinner table" ----Ronald Reagan

Okay, well, maybe not really......but I get what he's saying. Family dinner was always a high priority for my family when I was growing up. Mom would fix dinner, and we'd work around everybody's different schedules to 'make dinner happen' together. And while I'm not sure any major changes for America happened around our dinner table....I do know that there was a sense of bonding, of togetherness, of fond memories made, of open discussions.....of just plain good times spent together as a family. In fact, when Joel and I were courting, we spent a lot of time sitting around my family's dinner table, laughing and getting to know one another. It was there that I learned he can't stand beets, cottage cheese, or feta. (Although, I've since won him over on the feta. The beets and cottage cheese are hopeless ;)

I still love family dinners, only now it's with my own table full of little people. I love that no matter how busy, crazy, or full our schedules become, we  almost always have this little chunk of time together in the evenings.  I've been learning that peace happens inside of me, despite outward situations/schedules/craziness. So I continue on, fixing meals, lighting candles, determined to let that 'inward peace' flow over a little bit into our family life. I doubt any great 'change for America' will ever happen around our dinner table.....but then again, little lives are being molded and trained and brought closer to Jesus, and change happens one person at a time, right? :)

 Looking at books before dinner. He's so sweet, I could 
gobble him up too! ;)

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