Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Picture perfect.....not so much :)

 I bought two packs of batteries for my camera last time I went to the store....and both packs were completely dead. I know, right?

So I guess you'll just have to imagine our first week or so back to school......warm and inviting candles lit on the table, homemade sticky buns for breakfast, three bigger kids sitting around the table quietly working on their school work while Leanna colors perfectly in the lines in her coloring book and Reagan sits like an angel on the floor playing with his toys......oh, WAIT....that was just my dream of the first week of school, haha ;)

In reality, nobody really liked the oatmeal I cooked for breakfast this morning (myself included), our dining room table AND floor were a MESS after school was over, it's still too warm to enjoy candles, and I'm not sure HOW many pretzels I fed Reagan over the course of the morning to keep him quiet, lol ;)

But, praise be to Jesus, I am finally learning to 'roll with the punches'. Note, I didn't say I've 'learned', I said I'm 'learning'....as in, the process is still happening! Yes, I am still tempted to get irritated when a lesson plan doesn't happen just like I had planned, or when the baby is more distracting than I had hoped he would be, or when I thought somebody understood something and I suddenly find them looking at me with a blank expression on their face.

But I'm learning to move on. I'm learning to be okay with it, to realize that 'real life' isn't always pretty and perfect like in the magazine pictures, and that's okay. What I DO with what life throws me is what's important.

I was reading this morning how anyone who believes in Jesus will have 'rivers of living water' flowing from his heart. Jn 7:38. What an opportunity----for my kids to see those 'rivers of living water' flowing from me, no matter the circumstance!

Yep, school is back in session.....math, reading, science, history, writing.....but I hope there's even deeper lessons of faith and love happening in my children's hearts this year!

Hoping to get my camera up and running again so I can share pictures soon! Hey, maybe I'll even light a candle during math one morning ;) 

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