Thursday, May 30, 2013

Living life to the fullest (and in Eli's case, 20 feet off the ground! ;)

You want pictures? Well boy, do I have some pictures for you! My camera has been working over time the past few days ;)

The kids had really been looking forward to our home-school groups end of the year field trip to the science museum. Let me tell you, the day did not disappoint! Joel was actually able to take the day off and go with us, which made it extra-special. But, before I show you pictures from that, a certain little someone turned three this week.....

Three years ago today, we welcomed Leanna Rose into our lives. As we've said with every other child, we don't know HOW we were ever a family without her! She brings such joy to our lives every day, and is a real blessing from God!

Here's my beautiful birthday girl.

She doesn't really like cake much, so we had icecream instead. Kinda hard to fit all those Dora decorations on an icecream sandwich ;)

Why yes, that IS her second icecream treat for the evening....Hey, you only turn three once!

And now, on to the science museum........

The top floor had this awesome area for younger children, and I think Noah and Leanna would have spent all day there. Water, lots of balls, exploring was totally fun!

Leanna literally stood here for close to an hour, playing with these boats and balls.

Balls, balls, balls.....Reagan's version of heaven on earth!

He also loved the water!

Eli and cousin Uriah checking out the fish tanks.

A bigger view....

Astronaut Noah

This robot talked and moved....we had to drag Noah away from the exhibit!

Cosette went through the museum with her girl cousins and aunts today, so we didn't see her much. But here's a nice shot of them when we all bumped into each other :)

And now.....for the ascent of Eli!

Getting his climbing gear on

Starting out at the bottom

 Half way there....

At about 20 feet, the guide came up to show him where to put his feet and hands.

And he made it to the top! So proud of him! The weight requirement for this activity was 50 skinny little man just made it! :)

Back down again :)

This was a hard activity---Noah weighs so little that the first time he tried, he didn't bounce far off the floor. He was determined to try again, though, and waited a long time in line to give it another shot. This was his second attempt, and he really bounced hard to get that far off the floor!

And now Eli....

By the time we made it to Wendy's and a chocolate Frosty, everybody was incredible sticky, dirty and HAPPY! So worth the time and money spent to have this day together! 

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