Sunday, May 05, 2013

Each of them unique

I'm sitting here today, reflecting on the differences in my children. Each one has their own personality quirks, strengths and weaknesses, and defining characteristics. Some of these things are important for Joel and I to be aware of. For instance, if a child's weakness is lying, we need to be on top of things, training that child in the value of truth, and praying consistently for them to mature in this area.

   However, there are other things that are just plain cute, things that make me smile, things that make me glad that each child is their 'own person'. These little quirks provide me with so much amusement that I thought I'd share some of them with you here.

1. Whenever I vacuum, Leanna RUNS from the vacuum----Reagan chases it :)

2. Leanna flushes the potty consistently each and every time---I think my boys will be 52 before they remember to flush the potty! (Sorry, future wives, I'm trying!!)

3. Cosette can not STAND even the sight of asparagus----Eli regularly asks for it as a special treat.

4. Noah hates getting water in his face---Leanna dumps as many buckets of water on her head as she can during bath time.

5.  Noah was walking by the time he was nine months old---Reagan is over 13 months and is only starting to show interest in taking a step here or there.

6.  Eli trys to find more and more things to dump hot sauce on---Cosette prefers her food as mild as possible.

7. When playing trucks with Daddy recently, Noah was making great trucks sounds and crashing them all over the place----Leanna declared that this truck was 'Daddy' and this truck was 'Mommy' :)

8. Cosette is my fast eater, wasting no time in finishing her plate. Noah sometimes labors over each and every bite, chewing slowly, and well, shall we say 'thoughtfully'.

9. Cosette is often shedding sweaters and socks, declaring that it's 'so hot' in here---Leanna consistently walks around with goose bumps on her arms, going 'Brrr! brrr!!'

10. In school, both of my older kids work hard and do great in all their subjects, but Cosette definitely excels in math, and Eli is a top-notch speller.

11. Cosette is a very light sleeper and has, on occasion, been found walking around her room still half asleep. In fact, I've had conversations with her before that she doesn't even remember the next morning. Eli, however, sleeps like a log---it is impossible to wake him up!

12.  Three of my kids have blue eyes (never saw that one coming!!), one has dark brown eyes that are almost black (Noah!) and one (Eli), has my hazel colored eyes. Eli is also the only child that doesn't have his Daddy's blood type. (I remember weird things that this about my kids. Do all you parents also have your kids blood types memorized? Hey, these are important things to know! :)

And there you have it. Each one of my children, unique and special.  I do have to say though, out of that list above, my favorite moment was when Reagan chased the vacuum ;)

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