Friday, April 12, 2013


From the first hug and 'mornin', mama' from Leanna in the morning, to the final sweet slobbery kiss from Regan in the evenings, this life as 'Mama' is a blessing.....

Today, we kind of combined art and science......baking soda plus colored vinegar= a whole lot of fun and a bit of a mess ;)

Noah made a snowman out of his to start with.

Leanna went 'ooh, ahh!' every time her vinegar and baking soda fizzled. It was pretty cute!

Cosette ended up with a nice, neat, tidy art project. (Loved Cosette's hair in this bun today---she looked exceptionally pretty and grown-up!)

Noah's was....not so tidy...but he loved it! :)

Eli enjoyed mixing the colors to see what he could come up with.

After nap-time, the rain had stopped and we all wanted to head outside.

Tulips are blooming!!!!!!!

Loved how the wind was blowing her hair every time she swung back. 

This next series of pictures shows how hard it is to get a 'final' picture with a two year old. A friend gave us matching dresses for the girls, and I wanted to get their picture in them. Leanna refused to cooperate. The first picture is just Cosette......

Then, leanna finally decided to join, but she wouldn't look at the camera, so Cosette was trying to get her to cooperate.

Now she's making a totally goofy face....

Ahhh....well, this one will do :)

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