Saturday, April 20, 2013

A date with Cosette

She stood in line, proudly holding her purchases. Two head bands, one container of lip gloss and a pack of bubble gum. All purchased with her hard-earned allowance. And let me tell you, this girl can work---both given chores AND voluntary 'helping out'. It's not unusual to see her setting the table, sweeping up a pile of crumbs, or entertaining her baby brother.

I smiled to myself, thinking how grown up and mature she is getting. We had decided to take this impromptu mommy/daughter date this evening when we realized that all the little people were asleep in bed, and Daddy was still working on his sermon. Perfect time for me and her to steal away for an hour. I'd been wanting to spend some time just with her, but life sometimes gets in the way. But tonight finally found us out together for a little while. Her requests? Dollar General to spend some allowance money, and then a quick stop at Pilot for some hot chocolate.

And now here she stood, patiently waiting her turn in line to pay. She looked up at me and grinned, slipping her hand into mine. I smiled to myself, glad that at 81/2, she's still willing to hold my hand.

As I paid for our hot chocolates later in Pilot, she said in the most sincere voice ''Mama, thank you SO much for tonight!" The sincere love and appreciation in her voice caught me a little off guard, and I had one of those 'Mama moments', when your heart just fills to over-flowing with love for one of your little ones.

I remembered back to when she was a tiny new-born, and the nurse laid her in my arms for the very first time....and she promptly pooped all over me, haha :) Aahhh....what an introduction to motherhood! And it's had it's 'up' moments and it's 'down' moments ever since then, but I wouldn't trade it in for anything.

As we drove home, we discussed lots of the happenings in her life---from soccer practice to homeschool group to how funny Leanna can be sometimes.

The time away= about an hour
The cost of the date=about 6.00
The gift of spending time talking to my daughter= Priceless :)

How about YOU. Do you go on 'dates' with your kids? Something to think about :)

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