Friday, April 26, 2013

Just a couple  'end of the week, making me smile' snapshots :) 

His smile is SO contagious! 

This girl really loves her popsicles!

Cosette and I really enjoy having flowers in the house--we've
both been trying to do better about keeping fresh arrangments
on the table and other prominent places. There's just something
so uplifting about some pretty flowers!

Cute little heads sticking up from under cozy quilts--need 
I say more??

It's rare I get them all in one photo, so here you are---as imperfect
of a shot as it is, I managed to capture all five of my beautiful
 blessings :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

'Pupple' Gum

Purple gum. Leanna is obsessed with it! Or, as she would call it, "Pupple Gum" I'm not sure what got her going on it----I'm not even sure if she had even had it before. I usually buy the plain, boring, sugar-free white peppermint kind.  All I  know is that one day, I asked her what she would like to do for her birthday that's coming up next month, and she replied "Eat Pupple Gum" Hmmm...well, that's an easy request to fulfill!

Now, almost every answer that she gives is 'Pupple Gum', even when it doesn't make sense. Here are a few sample conversations:

Me: Leanna, do you want a snack?
Leanna: Yep, Pupple Gum!

Me: Leanna, what do you like best about Sunday School?
Leanna: Pupple Gum! (see what I mean about it not making sense sometimes??)

Me: Leanna, what would you like to do now?
Leanna: Eat Pupple Gum!

She's even been making up little ditty's about purple gum. The other day, I heard her singing something that went like this: "Pupple gum, pupple gum, I want pupple gum. Geen gum, 'ellow' gum, Pupple, Pupple Gum" ( I guess she had to add a little variety there for any chances at a best-seller ;)

So there we were, standing in the check-out lane at WalMart, innocently waiting our turn, when suddenly, my daughter turns her head to look at the candy display and sees............PUPPLE GUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How, how, HOW could I say no??

Saturday, April 20, 2013

A date with Cosette

She stood in line, proudly holding her purchases. Two head bands, one container of lip gloss and a pack of bubble gum. All purchased with her hard-earned allowance. And let me tell you, this girl can work---both given chores AND voluntary 'helping out'. It's not unusual to see her setting the table, sweeping up a pile of crumbs, or entertaining her baby brother.

I smiled to myself, thinking how grown up and mature she is getting. We had decided to take this impromptu mommy/daughter date this evening when we realized that all the little people were asleep in bed, and Daddy was still working on his sermon. Perfect time for me and her to steal away for an hour. I'd been wanting to spend some time just with her, but life sometimes gets in the way. But tonight finally found us out together for a little while. Her requests? Dollar General to spend some allowance money, and then a quick stop at Pilot for some hot chocolate.

And now here she stood, patiently waiting her turn in line to pay. She looked up at me and grinned, slipping her hand into mine. I smiled to myself, glad that at 81/2, she's still willing to hold my hand.

As I paid for our hot chocolates later in Pilot, she said in the most sincere voice ''Mama, thank you SO much for tonight!" The sincere love and appreciation in her voice caught me a little off guard, and I had one of those 'Mama moments', when your heart just fills to over-flowing with love for one of your little ones.

I remembered back to when she was a tiny new-born, and the nurse laid her in my arms for the very first time....and she promptly pooped all over me, haha :) Aahhh....what an introduction to motherhood! And it's had it's 'up' moments and it's 'down' moments ever since then, but I wouldn't trade it in for anything.

As we drove home, we discussed lots of the happenings in her life---from soccer practice to homeschool group to how funny Leanna can be sometimes.

The time away= about an hour
The cost of the date=about 6.00
The gift of spending time talking to my daughter= Priceless :)

How about YOU. Do you go on 'dates' with your kids? Something to think about :)

Friday, April 12, 2013


From the first hug and 'mornin', mama' from Leanna in the morning, to the final sweet slobbery kiss from Regan in the evenings, this life as 'Mama' is a blessing.....

Today, we kind of combined art and science......baking soda plus colored vinegar= a whole lot of fun and a bit of a mess ;)

Noah made a snowman out of his to start with.

Leanna went 'ooh, ahh!' every time her vinegar and baking soda fizzled. It was pretty cute!

Cosette ended up with a nice, neat, tidy art project. (Loved Cosette's hair in this bun today---she looked exceptionally pretty and grown-up!)

Noah's was....not so tidy...but he loved it! :)

Eli enjoyed mixing the colors to see what he could come up with.

After nap-time, the rain had stopped and we all wanted to head outside.

Tulips are blooming!!!!!!!

Loved how the wind was blowing her hair every time she swung back. 

This next series of pictures shows how hard it is to get a 'final' picture with a two year old. A friend gave us matching dresses for the girls, and I wanted to get their picture in them. Leanna refused to cooperate. The first picture is just Cosette......

Then, leanna finally decided to join, but she wouldn't look at the camera, so Cosette was trying to get her to cooperate.

Now she's making a totally goofy face....

Ahhh....well, this one will do :)


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