Sunday, March 24, 2013

A snowstorm, just in time for....Easter??

Last year this time, we were waiting for Reagan to be born. The weather was unusually warm and nice for March. We brought him home and took our newborn baby for walks outside in the nice, warm weather.

This year, there are signs of spring all over....

Easter decorations in our windows....

On our tables.....

And cute kids waving palm branches.
 photo IMG_4674.jpg

Oh yeah, and nice spring Easter skirts being sewn.....

But oh.....did I mention that we have 'hazardous weather conditions' and '6-8 inches of snow' forecast for tomorrow??

Aha. Sounds just like spring, right?

So, in anticipation of a cold morning tomorrow, I have this waffle batter waiting in the fridge. (We're going to top it with fresh strawberries and bananas)

Our favorite stuffed peppers are planned for dinner tomorrow night.

Spring snowstorms are always more bearable with good, warm food, right? :)

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