Thursday, February 07, 2013


So, I was just lamenting the other day to my husband that I never blog anymore. It's not that I don't want's just that with a house full of little ones, it falls lowest on my priority list :(

However.....three kiddos started ballet class today---and that's a reason to blog, right? After all, who doesn't like seeing two year olds dancing around in cute little tu-tus? 

Cosette, Eli, and Leanna started a local homeschool ballet class today. (Noah wants to take it too, but he was a little too shy to join in today---maybe next week??)  Let me just say that I was VERY proud of Joel for not freaking out when I told him that his boys wanted to take ballet---he simply bit his tongue and 'agreed' with me that it would be good exercise for them ;) In the end, I'm really glad Eli decided to take it---he's GOOD at it. He's flexible and well-coordinated---sure doesn't get that from me! 

Look: He can reach over and touch his heel. Can YOU do that? I can't! 

Leanna was the smallest one in the class and had to have her own barre.

We were really impressed with our local college's new athletic facilities---the ballet room was super awesome!

By this point, her little skirt had twisted! :)

It looks like she's waving to me, but she's actually trying to do some stretch :)

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