Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Cosette and I take turns putting different 'messages' up with our Scrabble tiles in the living room. Yesterday, I walked in to find her latest message. I had to look at it for a few seconds before I realized what this jumble of letters was meant to represent.

Cold winter days= a LOT of snuggling under blankets with library books :)

I realized the other day that Leanna was in need of some more winter clothes. I also remembered that I had a bag of Cosette's 'too small' clothes in the laundry room headed to GoodWill. I raided the bag, and came up with all the shirts you see above.

 Then, I took one of Leanna's shirts that fit her nicely to use for a pattern, and chopped down the length and sleeves of Cosette's old shirts. Finally, I hemmed them and brought the sides in just a little. Ten minutes tops for each shirt, and I had a brand new set of clothes for Leanna--didn't spend a penny. Joel said I was just a little too pleased with myself ;)

My hard-working husband decided to re-organize our book shelf, since it needed some supports added to it anyway. This is him re-categorizing all the books. We have...um...a lot of books!

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