Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Cosette and I take turns putting different 'messages' up with our Scrabble tiles in the living room. Yesterday, I walked in to find her latest message. I had to look at it for a few seconds before I realized what this jumble of letters was meant to represent.

Cold winter days= a LOT of snuggling under blankets with library books :)

I realized the other day that Leanna was in need of some more winter clothes. I also remembered that I had a bag of Cosette's 'too small' clothes in the laundry room headed to GoodWill. I raided the bag, and came up with all the shirts you see above.

 Then, I took one of Leanna's shirts that fit her nicely to use for a pattern, and chopped down the length and sleeves of Cosette's old shirts. Finally, I hemmed them and brought the sides in just a little. Ten minutes tops for each shirt, and I had a brand new set of clothes for Leanna--didn't spend a penny. Joel said I was just a little too pleased with myself ;)

My hard-working husband decided to re-organize our book shelf, since it needed some supports added to it anyway. This is him re-categorizing all the books. We have...um...a lot of books!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A GOD moment

I had one of those moments the other day where God placed a devotional reading in front of me that so clearly shouted to ME it was almost eerie. Have you ever had one of those times? It always just solidifies in my  heart what I already know---that God is watching over me and knows exactly what I need to hear on a particular day.
    It had been a frustrating morning. I had lost my patience as many times as Abraham has descendents   more than once, I had run around like a mad woman trying to get everybody out the door to our afternoon homeschool group meeting. By the time we got there, I felt rushed and about ready to 'tip over the edge', whatever that means. (I think I just made that phrase up. I have real problems remembering idioms. My husband laughs at me, haha) After I helped with the singing group, the older kids went off to their various classes, and I sat down to nurse Reagan and read. This particular paragraph stood out to me:

        What "gripe" lies hidden in your heart that needs to land somewhere? Before you start your day, pour your heart out to God with honesty and candor. Tell Him exactly how you feel and what brokenness or burden is weighing you down. Whenever you encounter frustration today, go to the throne before you go to the phone!" 
                                                                                                         Kari Patterson, 'Plenty'

How often do I try to depend on people--whether it's my husband, my sister, my best friend, facebook, a telephone call, or whatever---to 'fix' my problems, instead of first bringing them to God? He is not only willing to hear me out, He WANTS me to come to Him so He can take the burden from me. Who else can do that for me?

My challenge to myself this week is this: When those frustrating times happen (as they do for ALL of us), I'm going to try to stop and bring them to the throne of my Father. Will you join me in going before the throne instead of the phone?

Blurry, yes, but a beautiful moment caught, nonetheless

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Stay at home :)

I looked at the calendar yesterday, started counting backwards, and suddenly realized that this is the sixth day in a row that I haven't gone anywhere. Like, I literally haven't been out my front door. Now,
there was a point in time when staying home for six days in a row would have driven me crazy. I would have been trying to figure out ANY excuse to 'get out of the house'.  Maybe it had something to do with the cold Christmas weather we've been having; maybe it was based on the fact that Joel had a nice, long, four-day weekend; maybe it was because my sister has been staying with us and there is another adult in the house to talk to ; maybe I'm finally getting the hang of the 'stay at home' part of stay at home mom---but whatever the case, I've been quite content the past few days to just hunker down and enjoy my sweet babies here at home. In fact, I thought I'd take the kids to the library today, but when I looked at the temperature and it said '19 degrees', I decided that the library could wait until a warmer day! My next opportunity to 'get out' is going to be this coming Friday---we're going to see 'Les Mis'---SO excited about that!

Joel and Cosette got to go out on Monday for a Daddy/daughter date for Cosette's birthday. If you look closely at this picture, you'll see that poor Joel was still suffering the effects of the pink eye that made its rounds around our house this Christmas season. We're on our third bottle of antibiotic drops so far :/  I am the last one to catch it---think I can manage to escape unharmed? Only time will tell ;)

Aunt Kristin bought a bag of oranges, and Leanna was quite happy to 'help' her eat some of them :)

Snow + cute babies+ flannel pj's+library books=a perfect snowed in evening

Enjoying all the new Christmas markers and crayons

One huge box of legos makes for two very happy boys!


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