Saturday, December 15, 2012

Life through my camera lens

The shock and tragedy of what happened yesterday in Connecticut has just been causing me to remember all the more that 'this world is not our home'. The hope that we hold as Christians is that some day, there IS something better. Advent = Coming. Come, Lord Jesus! 

Thanking God this week for my precious children. This 'little mama' is very often holding a baby of her own :)

Blueberry cream cheese white chocolate chip cookies. Need I say more??

This little game is called "Match the feet to the kid''

I'm going to get this bib off, Mom. Just wait and see!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 13th, Nine Years

Nine years ago today, I was the happiest girl alive to be marrying the love of my life. Through the grace of God, that love has only grown stronger and more solid over the years. Our life hasn't always been 'easy', but through it all, we've been together. As we said goodbye to six beloved grandparents/great grandparents, we were together. As I watched my mom breathe her last and realized she was gone, we were together, and it was Joel's arms that I fell into. As we welcomed each of our sweet babies into the world, we were together, and it was Joel's eyes that reflected back the  joy I felt in my own heart. Nine years. So many things have happened---and we've experienced them together. I love you more than words can say, Joel David Curtis. Happy Anniversary! 

Higher Focus Studios: Curtis Family  curtisfamily58

Friday, December 07, 2012

Blessings abound

Feeling very blessed tonight indeed! We had a cozy school day while the rain pattered outside. There is just something so comforting about snuggling up and tackling the school books while the rain pours down outside! Fridays our are 'electives' kind of school day. We conquer things like spelling tests, health, book reports and the dreaded.....ART. Well, okay, the kids don't dread art. I do. THEY love it :) Today we did snowmen paintings with glitter paint and everything....feeling very proud of myself....oh, and of them too ;)

We were also incredibly excited that the electricians were able to come back today and finish up their work on the boys attic bedroom. They now have electric, lights and heat up there!! We're hoping to finish up a few last small projects like the trim up there tomorrow and hopefully get them moved up tomorrow evening. Exciting, I'm telling ya! :) Maybe I'll post some pictures.

Then this evening we joined our homeschool group for a Christmas program at 'Christmas in the Village'. Cosette got to play her violin, and she and Eli sang with the kids choir.

Hope you all are having a blessed Advent Season, and truly taking time to reflect on the wonder and beauty of Immanuel--- 'God With Us' 

Monday, December 03, 2012

Breathing life back into my blog

A little bit of this and that---mainly just a meager effort to keep this blog going.

  • I figured out the other day that Reagan nurses on average between 5-6 hours every day. If I'm awake for 17 hours or so, that can sometimes amount to 1/3 of my waking hours. A THIRD! I told Joel it's amazing that anything else gets done around here sometimes.

  • Sometimes I get a 'creative bug', and I have to go make something. This doesn't happen very often, (see above point!!)  I also really just don't have the creativity or the patience for it. But the quilting bug hit me a while back, and so I went and got the material for this quilt:

And being the first born type A personality that I am, once I started it, I wanted it finished! It's far from perfect and my dear grandmother would be appalled if she could see the finishing-edge work that I did, but that's okay. It's DONE and it's mine and my husband claims to like it, so that's all that matters :)

  • Just in case any of you grandparents/parents out there are wondering what to get me for Christmas (hint hint, DAD)---I'd really like a donut pan so I can make these. I'm just sayin' :)

  • Leanna's vocabulary is finally starting to come along. It's been a slow road, just like with Noah, but it seems like every day she is saying more and more. Here is a video of her saying her latest word. Needless to say, Cosette was thrilled, even if the first part of her name is kind of missing :) Listen closely, because Leanna has a soft little voice!

And that's all for now, mostly because I've been trying to go to sleep 'earlier' every night. It makes for a much more rested and pleasant Mommy the next day :) I'll try to post more often during the Advent and Christmas Season :)


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