Tuesday, October 02, 2012


I am enjoying this week-long exercise of documenting our days in pictures :) 

We were back to Egypt again....

.....complete with chicken-bouillon-cube step pyramid. (Yes,
of course it was supposed to be sugar cubes....we couldn't 
find any! Are there no more polite, tea drinking--sugar cube
dunking people left in the world?!) 

Cosette wanted to add the Nile River and a Reed boat to our 
pyramid display. 

Now, we don't celebrate Halloween----but we DO love
to dress up :) Going in Good Will this time of year is 
dangerous because there are tons of cute costumes 
hanging there for a dollar or two. I knew Noah would
LOVE this one as soon as I saw it :)

Reagan hardly ever naps in his car seat like this anymore. He
gave me a quiet 45 minutes today to make dinner while he slept.

Dishes. Lots of them. Need I say more? My hero of a husband
brought home the part to fix the dishwasher today---Yay!!

And that was our Tuesday, with the addition of my flu shot, some yummy pumpkin cake and the kids enjoying some Little House on the Prairie. It's a good life :)

Looking forward to getting family pictures taken tomorrow!!

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