Monday, October 01, 2012

Lunes (That's 'Monday', for all you people NOT studying Spanish with your fourth grader ;)

A Monday, in picture form and a few words :)

Love their bare little feet sticking out from underneath 
their jeans! 

Remember the fall porch picture I posted a while back,
and my hopes to get my own porch looking like that?
Well, obviously, that was a far-fetched dream, but I AM
quite pleased with my pretty mums :) The fact that they are
still alive is mostly due to the fact that Cosette remembers
to water them more than I do :)

Love a colorful pan of roasted veggies

I think this was a jumping contest!

Leanna's first night out of her high chair and sitting with 
us at the table. 

Look who took over the high chair :)  First solid food 
and pictures of the excitement will follow later this week ;) 
We'll see how little man likes mashed up banana!

I love this stuff! But I'm REALLY looking forward to the
Peppermint creamer later this winter.

We call class?! No, seriously, I think it 
was a game of tackle Dad, but Dad appears to be winning!

Reagan's turn

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