Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why it's hard to keep a mom focused....

If you give a Mom an unusually hot fall day....

She'll probably want to pull her hair back in a pony tail.

On her way to get the pony tail holder, she'll notice a game spilled on the kitchen floor.

She'll stop to pick up the game and carry it to the shelf.

On the way to the shelf, she'll notice MORE of the game spilled on the school room floor.

She'll stop to pick up that too.

And since she's in the schoolroom, she'll notice through the open bathroom door how somebody made a mess with the paints in the bathroom sink.

So she'll go to clean the sink out.

After she cleans the sink out, she'll need a hand towel, but somebody threw it on the floor, so she'll go to look for another one.

On her way to find a clean hand towel, she'll notice that she STILL hasn't put that game away.

So she finally gets the game put away and thinks "Now, WHAT was I going to do? Oh yes! A hair scrunchie."

But by that point, it's winter and zero degrees outside, so it doesn't matter anymore, haha :)

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