Wednesday, September 05, 2012

My goofy boy

Eli has always been my goofy one. He's always the one making jokes, playing tricks, and just being plain goofy. Today, I sent him out to the laundry room to fold some laundry. He was taking a long time, so I went to check on him. I found him standing out there, laughing hysterically, wearing Joel's T-shirt and MY capris. Silly boy. I suppose that's ONE way to make a chore more interesting! 

By the way.......if you think it looks like he has a'd be correct *cringe*. Last Monday he really needed a haircut, and he was asking his Daddy very nicely for a mohawk. Although it was almost more than I could handle, I caved, and decided to let him embrace his creative side......but only until Saturday, haha. The mohawk goes before church on Sunday ;) 

1 comment:

Chuck said...

hair is not a battle worth fighting most of the time, especially when they ask sweetly


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