Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bits and Pieces of our Sunday

I had an hour all to myself this afternoon. Joel and I kind of swapped places for a while. I watched the kids so he could watch some football, and then he watched the kids so that I could have some time to clear my brain. I did some school prep for the week, and then took a nice hot shower. Amazed by how much less foggy my brain feels :)

I've been having trouble formulating my words into blog posts lately. So I thought that maybe, to help me get out of the 'blog fog', I would try just posting pictures of our days for the next week or so. I'll try to capture some moments from each day this week and share them with you in the evenings :)

Here's what our Sunday looked like:

                                      Reading with Dad before church.I wish you could
                                      see Leanna's pigtails better in this picture---they
                                      were so cute!

                                     Somebody's learning how to sit up, albeit a little
                                     crooked :)

                                     What's significant about these plants? Well, mostly
                                      the fact that they're sitting in MY windowsill and
                                      they're still alive, haha.

                                    Big sisters are nice for so many different reasons :)

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