Thursday, September 06, 2012

A tiny peek into our school day (real pictures this time!)

(Edited later to add: Our school days are NOT perfect. Leanna's temper tantrum this morning, the blue paint that got ALL over her shirt, Cosette's frustration with a difficult violin song---but I think it would be rude for me to be snapping pictures of my children in the midst of their troubles! Thus, you only get a peek at the GOOD things from our morning ;) 

The days, they WHIZ by! Some days, I barely know what hit me, haha ;) HOWEVER, since I left you with a 'school post' of nothing but words the other day, I thought I'd make a little more effort today and capture some photos. 

'A is for Alligator'. Noah was proud of himself that
he cut this alligator out and glued him
together all by himself.

Leanna had an alligator paper too, but she mostly just
had fun making a mess with the glue stick.

Math time! Told you Eli was my goofy one!
Today he was working on place values.

And this? Oh...Leanna just wanted me to take a 
picture of her making a goofy face :) 

The beginning of our history notebook. We started....
right at the beginning, in Genesis :) Did you know 
that dinosaurs walked with man in the Garden of Eden?
We're covering all the way up through ancient Greece 
this year. 

The seven days of Creation

A party game??? Nope, actually, we were learning
about light and seeing. 

Our writing assignment for the day---a paper talking 
about our history lesson. This encourages good 
hand-writing and proper sentence structure :)

Add into all of that---spelling, grammar, Spanish, violin/music, art, health, etc, etc---oh, and a nursing baby!!---and you have a good idea what my typical day looks like :) 

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