Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bits and Pieces of our Sunday

I had an hour all to myself this afternoon. Joel and I kind of swapped places for a while. I watched the kids so he could watch some football, and then he watched the kids so that I could have some time to clear my brain. I did some school prep for the week, and then took a nice hot shower. Amazed by how much less foggy my brain feels :)

I've been having trouble formulating my words into blog posts lately. So I thought that maybe, to help me get out of the 'blog fog', I would try just posting pictures of our days for the next week or so. I'll try to capture some moments from each day this week and share them with you in the evenings :)

Here's what our Sunday looked like:

                                      Reading with Dad before church.I wish you could
                                      see Leanna's pigtails better in this picture---they
                                      were so cute!

                                     Somebody's learning how to sit up, albeit a little
                                     crooked :)

                                     What's significant about these plants? Well, mostly
                                      the fact that they're sitting in MY windowsill and
                                      they're still alive, haha.

                                    Big sisters are nice for so many different reasons :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's been a while since my last post.  Lately, I've felt like my life is a juggling act. I mean that in a good way---it's a life FILLED with blessings and responsibilities, all of which I LOVE---but it takes concentration, dedication and priority-making to keep them all going. And I guess I've let the 'blogging ball' drop. But you know what? I'm okay with that. There is a season for everything, and right now, blogging is simply managing to fill that place in my life when I have a few minutes to think and just want to share what God is doing. I plan to keep this blog up as much or as little as fits into my daily life. As I'm sure is the case with most moms, I've found that my morning prayers include requests  for perseverance, wisdom, love, and patience to do this Mommy thing properly.

 Some days I feel like I succeed. Like the days when we actually DO the fun art activity and talk about making prints and what the word 'symmetrical' means---and I think "Hey, I can do this! We're rocking this home-schooling thing!"

But then the next day, I burn the frozen pizza. No, I kid you not. The frozen pizza was supposed to be a treat for me to get out of fixing dinner on a busy day---and I burned it. Don't ask. I blame it all on the nursing baby ;)

 Then there's the questions that they throw at you that just make you stand there looking stupid for a while. Like "If light is made up of particles, why is it also called a 'light wave'? " Um........Joel!!!!!!" (Daddy handles all the questions that Mom just, well, can't. Hey, my specialty is Beethovan and Mozart, not Einstein and Newton.....)

 Yesterday as we took a walk, Leanna was complaining and whining and trying to pull away as I held her hand. I finally looked straight in her eye and said "Leanna, the road is a dangerous place. You MUST hold Mommy's hand, and you must do it with a smile, okay?" I looked down a few second later, and there she stood, holding my hand ever so sweetly with a HUGE, cheesy, fake smile on her face. Oh my goodness. I about cracked up--hilarious!

 Then there was Eli the other day. He came to me and said "Mom, I've decided I don't want to be a rich guy or a rock star when I grow up. I'm gonna be somebody who cares for other people and helps all the poor people". I smiled and told him that was great, and that sounded like something Jesus would want him to do. He smiled at me ever so sweetly and said "Do I get paid for saying that?" Groan...............

 But seriously, it's all good. The joy and smiles these children bring to me never cease to amaze me. Even as I typed this, Eli came and scooped his baby brother up to go 'play' with him. Even now, Reagan grins so huge to see Cosette or Eli come to entertain him. As I wash the dishes, wipe snotty noses, kiss ouchies, fix comfort-filled meals for my family---I try to keep this verse running through my head. " Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God" 1 Corinthians 10:31

I'll 'see' you all the next time my brain has stuff to unload :) 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Socks, monsters and Ducks

Just when you wonder if all of your training, teaching, disciplining and time and energy are doing any good whatsoever.....(And trust me, fellow moms, there are times when we ALL feel like this, right?).....

They go and do something cute like this:
 Big brother reading to little brother in the swing, and even taking time to show him the pictures.  (Love how Reagan is only wearing one sock in this picture---it's always a mystery where the other one might be! )   I've never done this before, but I've always been tempted to gather every single pair of socks that anybody in this house owns, throw them out, and start over brand new with all matching socks. I'm sure they'd be mismatched and missing within a few days....but oh, the bliss of those few days with all matching, clean socks in everybody's drawers! ;)

Oh, and in other news, headless monsters have been spotted walking around my kitchen. I may have been more afraid if this one's growls hadn't been so darn cute!

So, in addition to reading up on how to keep headless monsters out of your kitchen, Noah has also been giving me reasons to hop on google every day. His deep questions are quite amusing. "Mom, why do people live on the other side of the world? Mom, why do we have noses? Mom, why does the refrigerator make that noise? Mom, Mom, Mom....." .....all day long. That's one observant child for you!

 And speaking of observing, Reagan and this duck were observing each other pretty closely the other night. I thought for sure one of them was going to soon kiss the other!

I think this photo deserves a fun caption-----What's the funniest one YOU can think of? :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why it's hard to keep a mom focused....

If you give a Mom an unusually hot fall day....

She'll probably want to pull her hair back in a pony tail.

On her way to get the pony tail holder, she'll notice a game spilled on the kitchen floor.

She'll stop to pick up the game and carry it to the shelf.

On the way to the shelf, she'll notice MORE of the game spilled on the school room floor.

She'll stop to pick up that too.

And since she's in the schoolroom, she'll notice through the open bathroom door how somebody made a mess with the paints in the bathroom sink.

So she'll go to clean the sink out.

After she cleans the sink out, she'll need a hand towel, but somebody threw it on the floor, so she'll go to look for another one.

On her way to find a clean hand towel, she'll notice that she STILL hasn't put that game away.

So she finally gets the game put away and thinks "Now, WHAT was I going to do? Oh yes! A hair scrunchie."

But by that point, it's winter and zero degrees outside, so it doesn't matter anymore, haha :)

Thursday, September 06, 2012

A tiny peek into our school day (real pictures this time!)

(Edited later to add: Our school days are NOT perfect. Leanna's temper tantrum this morning, the blue paint that got ALL over her shirt, Cosette's frustration with a difficult violin song---but I think it would be rude for me to be snapping pictures of my children in the midst of their troubles! Thus, you only get a peek at the GOOD things from our morning ;) 

The days, they WHIZ by! Some days, I barely know what hit me, haha ;) HOWEVER, since I left you with a 'school post' of nothing but words the other day, I thought I'd make a little more effort today and capture some photos. 

'A is for Alligator'. Noah was proud of himself that
he cut this alligator out and glued him
together all by himself.

Leanna had an alligator paper too, but she mostly just
had fun making a mess with the glue stick.

Math time! Told you Eli was my goofy one!
Today he was working on place values.

And this? Oh...Leanna just wanted me to take a 
picture of her making a goofy face :) 

The beginning of our history notebook. We started....
right at the beginning, in Genesis :) Did you know 
that dinosaurs walked with man in the Garden of Eden?
We're covering all the way up through ancient Greece 
this year. 

The seven days of Creation

A party game??? Nope, actually, we were learning
about light and seeing. 

Our writing assignment for the day---a paper talking 
about our history lesson. This encourages good 
hand-writing and proper sentence structure :)

Add into all of that---spelling, grammar, Spanish, violin/music, art, health, etc, etc---oh, and a nursing baby!!---and you have a good idea what my typical day looks like :) 

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

My goofy boy

Eli has always been my goofy one. He's always the one making jokes, playing tricks, and just being plain goofy. Today, I sent him out to the laundry room to fold some laundry. He was taking a long time, so I went to check on him. I found him standing out there, laughing hysterically, wearing Joel's T-shirt and MY capris. Silly boy. I suppose that's ONE way to make a chore more interesting! 

By the way.......if you think it looks like he has a'd be correct *cringe*. Last Monday he really needed a haircut, and he was asking his Daddy very nicely for a mohawk. Although it was almost more than I could handle, I caved, and decided to let him embrace his creative side......but only until Saturday, haha. The mohawk goes before church on Sunday ;) 

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

School Day, Numero Uno

I wish I had pictures of our first day of school. I really do. My hands were too full of school supplies and a baby to snap any, though. If I had, you would have seen:

  • Cosette's smile as she whizzed through her 7's times table, happy that she remembered it after a summer away from math.

  • Noah's rain-bow colored letter 'A'---he is thrilled with ANY paper that you hand him and call it 'school'. He wants to be just like the 'big kids'

  • Eli's mile-wide grin when I told him we were learning about Dinosaurs this year and opened up the 'Dinosaurs in Eden' book.  "Oh wow, cool mom!"

  • Leanna's stack of perfectly clean underwear---because it stayed that way the whole day! She is making it to that potty 99.9 % of the time, and I couldn't be more thrilled. (Potty training counts as school when you're two, right?!)

  • Our Kitchen table and floor, strewn with papers, tape, notebooks, pencils, crayons and books, when we finally called it a day and set about cleaning up that huge mess. 

  • Our schoolroom table covered with the boys paintings. No, this wasn't our official 'art' curriculum, but our school day seemed to have gotten their creative juices flowing, and they spent a long time painting and making perfect little boy messes. 

And those pictures would have only caught the beginning of what was a terrific first day back to school. Yeah, the excitement will eventually wear off, the 'new' books will run out, and we'll settle into a comfortable routine. I count myself blessed to live in a country where I have the option of homeschooling my children. 


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