Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The bouncy seat tales

See this cute little bouncy seat? We bought it for Reagan a few months ago when he was much smaller. He used to just lay there and kick around in it, but now he thinks he is a big boy, so I found him like this the other day. (Don't worry, he's was strapped in :)  Where did my newborn go??!

Funny story about this seat. The first day we bought it, I put Reagan in it while we ate dinner. See those nice metal bars that stick out from the sides of it just waiting to grab your toes? Well, Joel walked by the seat and caught his toe on it. A few minutes later, he walked by and caught his toe on it again!! And me, of course, being the nice wife that I am, about laughed my head off. " Oh my goodness! I can't believe you did that TWICE! That was hilarious, love! I mean, once was funny, but twice in one night is just too much! hahaha" Yeah, I know, you've already figured out the rest of the story, right? I think that since that day, I have caught my own toe on this chair at LEAST a hundred times. And every time I do, Cosette looks at me and says ''See Mom, you shouldn't have laughed at Daddy!" Or, if she doesn't say that, she gives me a look that lets me know that that is what she's thinking.

Moral of the story? Don't put your baby in a bouncy seat ;) 

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