Saturday, August 25, 2012

One more week

I sense fall. I sense it in the air. I feel it coming in the cooler morning temperatures. I saw it today in the beginnings of colored leaves along the highway. And those opening lines sounded exactly like the beginning of Lord of the Rings, lol. Can you tell what my movie tastes are?

Anyway, fall is definitely around the corner, and I've been resisting it very hard, trying to soak up the last of summer.

It's not that I don't like fall---in fact, it's one of my favorite seasons. I just always have trouble saying goodbye to whatever particular season we happen to be in :) But, I think I've decided now to just let go of summer and embrace fall in all it's beauty.

With the recent craze over pinterest, it's been incredibly easy to get ideas swimming through my head to the point that my brain almost hurts! Here's a few that stand out:

I have a nice big front porch, and I seriously wish I could get it looking something like this:

Not gonna happen. Front porches like that take time---planning, shopping, putting it all up---and right now I'm too preoccupied with my kiddos to accomplish anything this beautiful. So I'll just keep looking at this porch all fall and pretending that it's mine ;)

With fall also comes all the dreams and excitement of homeschooling. I love the bright colors of this particular classroom:

I just don't have the decorating genius to think of these things by myself :) If anybody has any great ideas for what I should do with my plain beige walls in our schoolroom, let me know! 

Without a doubt though, my favorite part of fall is the re-introduction of soup into our meal plans. It's so quick to make, and usually the whole family loves a good warm bowl of soup! Some of my favorite 'cozy' memories from growing up include my mom at the stove stirring a pot of her homemade soup. Here's one I'd like to try:

We're enjoying one more week of summer around here, then it's back to the books! I'm looking forward to our fall with eager anticipation :) 

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