Monday, August 27, 2012

Just a little bit of reality

I know, I know, you want less of me talking and more pictures of my kids.

This picture represents typical reality in my life most days: Kids, and a pile of laundry that needs to be dealt with, hehe :) 

Don't you just love the pink marker all over her leg? Lately, she seems to think that her body is a better drawing area than a sheet of white paper.

And Noah....grrr....well, Noah thinks that a blank WALL is the best place to draw. Honestly, before this child gets out of his 'drawing on the wall' phase, we're going to have to re-paint the whole house. (I know, somebody is going to tell me to try magic eraser---doesn't work so well with pen---you have to scrub till your arm falls off. At least, if you're petite like me with almost NO arm muscles, then you have to scrub till your arm falls off.....)

I came out yesterday to find most of my wood dining room floor covered in pink and blue marker. Fortunately, they weren't lying when they said it was 'washable' :)

Oh, and on to more reality. As a marking of the 'end' of summer and beginning of fall, I finally took down our 'Welcome baby Reagan decorations'. Yeah, I know...he's almost five months old. But after nine months of pregnancy and how many hours of labor?.....well, I figured I was entitled to keep up my baby's newborn welcome as long as I wanted to ;) Our pantry doors our now showing off Cosette's recent art work.

Funny thought to end the post: Noah was looking at a Bible picture the other day of Jesus sitting on the edge of a boat teaching. At first he was quite concerned that He was sitting in such a dangerous place. But then he said "At least if Jesus falls in the water, He won't drown, He'll just walk right on top of it!" *smile*

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vintageDandelion said...

You can always hang a poster up to cover the wall. We've done that as a quick fix. And my kids, at ages much older than yours, still write on themselves! With permanent ink no less.


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