Sunday, August 05, 2012

5 good reasons I'm ignoring the mess in my boy's room

Reasons why I refuse to clean up my boy's room anymore:

1. It hurts my back. Bend over, pick up the lego, straighten back up. Bend over, pick up another lego, straighten back get the point.

2. It's dangerous. "Ouch, I stepped on a lego!" "Ouch, I stepped on another lego" "Ouch! There's another one!"

3. It makes me grumpy. "Why do all the legos end up on the floor anyway? There's a table for the legos! Don't dump the legos on the floor, for cryin' out loud!"

4. They need to learn to do it themselves, if it takes until they're 20. "Pick up a lego. Okay, now pick up another lego! Good! There's a hundred more legos on the floor, keep picking them up!"

5. There's a zillion other more productive things I'd rather be doing with my time.... like picking the legos up off of the LIVING ROOM floor ;)

(Okay, okay, I joke, but I really am thankful my boys love their legos.....thankful for the people who have GIVEN my boys legos....thankful for the awesome things they build and the brain power they encourage.....just wish the little things didn't hurt so bad! ;)  And, I guess in all reality I'll probably just be ignoring that mess up there until, well, I just can't ignore it anymore! ;) And then, it's back to the lego picking up we go!


Chuck said...

wray is the only person in the world who used them one time and then put them on display, everyone else plays with them

Kelly said...

Oh, I hear you! Legos are my nemesis when it comes to cleaning Jack's room. We, too, have been given tons and tons of amazing Lego sets and they all end up dumped out on the floor. Drives me nuts! But, I agree, these boys (and girls) can build amazing things and it just blows me away every time. Mostly, just wanted you to know that I am so with you on the Lego thing - every aspect of it!


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