Monday, July 23, 2012

Stuff vs. people

Today, my 'to do list', which was only actually written out mentally, included a bunch of cleaning and laundry and organizing and baking and curriculum ordering, etc, etc. Lots of 'stuff' accomplished, but not much time in there for little people.

I've found that 'stuff' days HAVE to be balanced by 'people' days, or we all start to go a little crazy! I could have 'stuff' days every single day for the rest of my life and NEVER catch up on everything....and I would miss all my kids growing up days in the process.

So tomorrow, as a balancing out kind of day, we're focusing on 'people'. We're going to eat french toast for breakfast....take a walk....give Eli a hair-cut....make yummy pineapple bars lots of library books....listen to Cosette practice violin....maybe even have some family movie time. Still a lot of 'work' happening, but it's a little more 'people' balanced :)

A clean and organized house is simply a tool to better enjoying my REAL life---my family! Gotta keep reminding myself of this :)

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