Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Little things

I've come to realize that 'big' things only happen once in a while---weddings, graduations, new babies, mile-stone birthdays, dates with my husband, etc, etc. I used to LIVE for these kind of moments---counting up the days until the next 'awesome' event. My mom used to tell me that I was going to 'crash' one day when I finally realized that sometimes life is just a 'flat line'----and not all the 'ups' that I was expecting it to be.

She was so right! Life just happens, and lots of times, it can become mundane or boring if you're only looking for joy in those 'big' things! I've come to realize that, in order to not only 'survive' the every day, but to rejoice in it and find 'awesomeness'--- well, you have to look for the little things.

A whole glass of soda all for myself (hey! I said it was little things!), 15 quiet minutes to read a book, a little one who masters a new skill in their math lessons, a husband who stops on his way home from work to pick up double dunker chocolate ice cream :), the fact that my tomato plants from my mother in law are STILL ALIVE!!, Leanna adjusting to her big girl bed without any problems.......the list goes on. What are YOUR small reasons for rejoicing today?

Here's one of mine!

Reagan learned to roll over....right off of his blanket....and he can't roll back the other way yet....and he's not really happy about that! :)

But, he also found his toes, and he seemed quite pleased to find that they were all there ;)

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