Thursday, June 14, 2012

REAL life

It occurred to me that sometimes, I may  be accomplishing the opposite on this blog from what I intend. My dream is that those who come here would be encouraged, uplifted, given a smile, etc.

However, in order to do that, I have to capture the beautiful moments of my day. The pictures that you see are mostly children smiling, having a good time, etc. I doubt that it would be much of an encouragement to you to see dirty diapers, sibling arguments, huge piles of dirty laundry, or my messy hair when I wake up in the morning ;)

But, while intended for an encouragement, some of you may start thinking "Gee, that sure beats sitting in this office all day! I wish I had HER life!"  I know this happens----I've been guilty of it myself. Seeing someones else's life on someone else's blog and suddenly becoming disillusioned ( is that a word?) with my own.

So just know that, while I'm sharing the beauty of our days with you, 'real life' is happening in between  all the other stuff :) For instance, I might post a picture of a yummy, scrumptious looking casserole I made for dinner, but you don't see the burned potatoes sitting at the other end of the table, hehe ;)

And I love that about blogging----it helps me to capture the 'good moments', the beauty, the people and things I'm thankful for, and focus on them. Then, I can thank God for pulling me through the harder times!

So, I pray that you are encouraged when you come here to go and actively seek out the beauty in your own life and days!

With that said, here are some 'beautiful' moments from our day today.

Wait? Did I say beautiful? I think I meant scary....or weird....or.... what ARE they doing?? ;)

Look at me, mom!

I know, I know, it's sideways. For the life of me I couldn't figure out how to flip it---but it was too cute not to post :)

What one brother won't do to make another brother laugh!

Oh, and just so you know that real life does happen here----this was my kitchen counter after dinner the other night. After I had filled and started the dish-washer. After I had already washed at least three sink loads that day. The never ending dish pile........real life! :)

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good stuff


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