Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June at our house

I surveyed my messy house this evening after the kids went to bed and commented to Joel "How did this happen? It was perfect when I woke up this morning! It would have stayed that way too, if I didn't have any kids"
He smiled and said "Yes, but then we wouldn't have any kids!"
Hmm.....Good point. I'll take the kids over a clean house any day ;)

So, what have we and our five messy kids been up to lately?

Well, we had a 'make your own personal pizza' night last Friday (Cosette was at my Grandma's having a fun time, so she's not in these next few pictures)

Noah needed a little, with patting his dough out ;)

Joel's pizza

My pizza. Mine looks better, right? ;)

In other interesting news, Eli got out of the shower the other day and I noticed he had a little soap left in his ear. I sent him back into the shower to rinse it out. When I came back to check on him again, this is what I found. Um, funny, Eli!

And lastly, the most important happening this month is some special visitors! My Dad and Suzanne are in to visit for a few weeks, and our family was SO happy to see them again. (They live across the had been 10 months....think Cosette looks a little excited to see her Grandpa? :) I'm sure there will be more pictures of their visit in the next couple of weeks!

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