Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Grocery Shopping Tales

Somehow, today I ended up going grocery shopping on the hottest day so far of the summer. It must have been close to 100. Fortunately, I only had Reagan with me. The other kids were much happier playing at a friends house :)

So, Reagan and I start off down the looooooong parking lot at WalMart. I grabbed a cart at the outside cart holder and realized that WalMart has very rudely dis-continued their carts with baby seats attached. Just like they discontinued their maternity section in the store. Seriously? Apparently, nobody is pregnant or having babies anymore....

Anyhow, I decided to just stick Reagan's whole car-seat down into the shopping cart instead. As I was maneuvering  the seat into the cart, a lady at a near-by car looked at me sympathetically and said "They just don't give new mom's enough arms, do they?" I smiled and shook my head no, but on the inside I was thinking "Lady, if you think I'm lacking arms NOW, you should see me on a normal day with four other kids along!" But I didn't say that. I was kind of enjoying the 'Young new mom with first baby' feel again, even if it wasn't true. With five kids in my house and my 30th birthday happening this year, I don't get that feeling much anymore!

So, I start pushing my cart around, grabbing groceries, quite pleased with myself for managing to stack everything around Reagan's seat. But, 'pride goes before a fall', because I soon managed to let a jar of spaghetti sauce slip out of the cart and land *crash* on the floor, sending spaghetti sauce flying everywhere, including all over me. It was at that point that I was very glad for a purse full of baby wipes. It kind of reminded me of the time when I was a teenager and dropped an entire beautiful strawberry pie on the floor upside down. But I degress..........

A kind lady passing by offered to send her son to find somebody to clean it up. Bless those people who take just an extra minute and a little extra effort to help out somebody else!

I looked at my list and realized that I couldn't find apple butter or pesto. I stopped a nearby worker, who happily directed me toward the apple butter, but looked a little confused at the pesto request. "Um, what's that? Is that a liquid?"

A liquid? Ewww!! I really had to laugh inside then, imagining chugging down a glass full of pesto ;)

So, 1:00 today found me headed out of WalMart, pushing a cart FULL of groceries with one hand and carrying Reagan's carseat with the other. And suddenly, I was glad for all those post-natal exercises I've been doing, or I probably wouldn't have accomplished that feat! And I was also suddenly very grateful that I didn't have all five kids with me, or I would have just had to officially declare myself looney ;)

Grocery shopping trips, they never cease to offer amusement to my life :)

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