Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. Nobody can ever take the place of your own mother in your heart. After all, it's her that gave you birth, that nursed you as a baby, that sent you off to your first day of kindergarten, that helped you pull your first tooth, that saw you through all those migraine headaches, that supported you through hours of piano practice and college auditions, that helped you plan your wedding, etc, etc, etc.   And it hurts that she is not here today for me to tell her how much all that meant to me.

However, I realize that sometimes, while we long for the things/people we DON'T have, we fail to give proper recognition and appreciation to the people we DO have. And so, that is what I want to do today. I may not have my own mom here to celebrate with, but I do have another Mom in my life today who is also very special to me.

You see, when I married Joel, I think God looked ahead and knew what was coming in my life. He saw that I would soon loose my own mom, and that I would need someone extra-special to help carry me through. He knew I would need someone with the capacity to make me feel just as welcome in their own home as I felt in my Mom's. He knew I would need someone that I was comfortable talking to, that I trusted, and whose opinion I held in high regard. He knew I would need someone extra-special.

And so, when God gave me a mother in law, he blessed me with this lady right here.

My own mom once said "Since I have to share my grandchildren with someone, I'm so glad to share them with Rhoda Curtis" :)

Joel's mom has always been a blessing in my life, but even more so since losing my own mom.

It was her that we called at 4:00 a.m. when Reagan was on the way. It was her that kept my kids while we adjusted to a new-born. It was her that came to my house, cleaned my bathrooms, fixed food, and helped me to recover after the baby arrived.

It's her that my kids run to with a smile and 'Grandma' on their lips.

It's her that pops into my mind when the kids do something extra-special, funny, or ridiculous. "Joel, did you tell your mom how Eli........."

It was her that taught me how to make bread (a feat that my own mother could never seem to master)

It was her that I first called that morning when we got the news about my own mom. "I'm on my way to the hospital, please pray---Mom had a stroke!"

My list could go on and on and on.

Before our wedding, I had Joel ask his parents what they wanted me to call them after we got married. 'Mr. and Mrs. Curtis' seemed a bit too, um, formal now. His mom replied that I could certainly call her Rhoda if that was what I was most comfortable with, but that I was more than welcome to call her 'Mom'

Well, I can safely say that over the past almost nine years, her kindness, care, dependability, and love have certainly earned her the title of 'Mom' in my heart :)

Happy Mother's Day, to the Mom I'm so glad is in my life!!


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful tribute to a well deserving mother-in-law. Happy Mother's day everyone.


Anonymous said...

Jaime....oh how I know this post is from your Heart,and so TRUE! I thank God everyday for Dale and Rhoda. God was looking ahead! Happy Mother's day again. I love you Dad

Anonymous said...

Dearest Jaime,
This is lovely and kind. I am so happy to have you for a daughter. I miss you mother too. I think of her a lot in relation to your children, our shared grandchildren. You have been part of my life for a long time and I love and appreciate you more and more as we experience life's events together. God gave Joel and our family a wonderful gift in you. Happy mothers day to you.

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