Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent the Memorial Day weekend with Joel's extended family at a camp about four hours from our house. Without counting exactly, I'm guessing there were about 50 or so aunts, uncles, cousins, ,etc, etc, that we got to share the weekend with. Such a fun, great way to make family memories! Here's a few (okay, several ;) pictures from our weekend.

Cosette with two cousins. They didn't stop playing the ENTIRE weekend!

Soccer Time with Dad

Joel's sister and her baby, who was born one month after Reagan. Check out that beautiful head of hair!!

We took advantage of yummy cereal that is a treat for our kids

Reagan had no end of people to love  him....

Eli in a tree ( of course!!)

Cousin Uriah in a tree......

More people loving Reagan :)

I tried to catch a picture of a lot of us right before meal time, but everybody was too spread out!

The weather was HOT, so a water battle was definitely in order!

Leanna is soaked, but don't worry, she was dumping buckets of water on HERSELF! :)

I was proud of our kids for being brave enough to join the spelling bee :)

Cosette, about to spell 'gooseberry' correctly :)

Eli's word was....I don't remember :/  He spelled several correctly before he finally missed one.

Almost done....Cosette came in second for her age group

We decorated cupcakes

We made homemade ice cream

Oh, this is just plain funny. We thought Reagan looked just like one of Cosette's baby dolls on the bed :)

I am so glad for wonderful family to spend time with!

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Pony and Petey said...

Would you happen to know of a website or mail-order store that I could buy the Mennonite style dresses that I see in some of these pics?

I really like the style...modest, plain but still pretty and they look fine with sneakers!

I'm not a big "sew-er" so I'd rather pay someone to make the dress for me = )


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