Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Don't blink

The days FLY by. Apparently--because I looked tonight, and it's been almost a week since I've posted on here. Seriously?! I wake up at 5:30, blink one time, and suddenly it's lunch time! Oh, if only my dusting would get done that easily!

It made me wonder what makes some days go faster than others. Is it because I'm so 'busy'? Well, that may be part of it. I am always occupied, tending to one thing or another. I hardly ever just 'sit' and do nothing. So I'm sure that's part of it.

But I don't think it's everything.

Because, ten years ago when I was in college ( TEN years??!) I was crazy busy. 21 credit hours, plus study time, 2-4 hours of piano practice every day, work study, etc, etc. But the days went by SO slowly. When Monday started, I thought for sure that Friday would never arrive.

I think it's a change in prespective. Back then, I was determined to be miserable. Now I love what I'm doing.

Shame on me! Not for loving what I'm doing now, of course, but for letting outward circumstances dictate who I was then. AND for letting 'bad' days get me down now.

Yeah, I should be joyful and peaceful when days are wonderful and life is going like I want it to and the days are 'flying by'----but I should also have that same attitude when days are bad and drag by like a turtle crawling through molasses ( I have trouble with weird sayings---just don't even try to tell me how that last one was wrong! But doesn't a turtle crawling through molasses sound slow to YOU?)

After all, the peace and joy that I feel on the 'good' days comes from Christ---and that same peace and joy is present with me even on the bad days. It's up to me to 'tap into it' and use it, no matter what's happening around me on the 'outside'. So what about you? Do you let outward circumstances dictate who you are on the inside?

And by the way, I'm determined to take more pictures this week....even if I have to ignore some dusting to do so ;)

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