Friday, May 25, 2012

A conversation

Eli: Mom, did you know that President Obama is a bad man?

Me: (Surprised, because we always make a point of praying with the kids for our President)
What? Where did you hear that? He's not a bad man!

Eli: Yes he is! I heard it on my radio! They said he steals children!

Me: Eli, the President does NOT steal children. I think you must have mis-understood!

Eli: Nope, that's what they said!

Joel tried to convince him later  as well that he must have heard wrong, but he was determined! We've been trying to figure out WHAT he might have heard that made him think that. What rhymes with 'steal'? Deal? Feel? Heal? Maybe the President was endorsing a program to HEAL sick children, not STEAL them, haha :) Whatever it was, we'll never know.

In the mean time, we have some re-training to do. I don't want my son walking around saying the President steals children!

Oy, the things they say! :)

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