Sunday, April 08, 2012

Just stopping to reflect

Thankful today ......
....All the kind friends who have been bringing delicious meals for our family. Goodness, by the time I have to cook again, I'll have forgotten how ;)

....One more day with my husband off of work. Planning to make tomorrow go as looooong and slooooow as possible!

.....That Noah found the missing memory card for my camera! I was trying not to worry too much this morning when it came up missing, but it DID have all my pictures of Reagan on it so far. I was super happy when Noah found it this evening.

....For a baby who has been falling asleep at 10:00 in the evenings and giving me up to four straight hours of sleep before he wakes up again. Love it! I know not many new mothers have this luxury....

.....For planning my school year schedule in such a way that we've been able to take two weeks off with the new baby, and we'll still finish by the end of May.

....That, after five babies, I've finally learned how to relax a little more, enjoy every moment of 'newborn sweetness', and not freak out so much about piddly things like messes that the kids make or other non-eternal distractions :) Why, I even came up to bed tonight with toy cars on the living room floor and unfolded blankets on the couches-----this is BIG for this type A personality Mama :)

.....That, despite my constant failures and short-comings, Jesus STILL died for ME----Amazing!!

Praying you all had a blessed Resurrection Sunday! He is Risen indeed!

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