Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Countdown begins......

Okay all you long time blog readers. This is the third pregnancy that this blog has seen me through now. You've walked with me through the complications and bed rest of Noah's pregnancy.....the excitement of another baby girl with Leanna's pregnancy....and now, waiting patiently for Baby Curtis number five :)

So, only two weeks until due date, I just couldn't resist. Here's my typical, expected 'When's the baby coming?'  game :) Feel free to answer the questions in a comment---reading your responses always gives me something to laugh at during these last few weeks :)

1.)  What is Baby Curtis' name? (Once again, my sister and Joel's older sister are not allowed to answer this!)

2.) When will baby boy arrive? Early? On time? Late?

3.) Brown hair like his brothers....blond like his older sister's....or no hair at all?

4.) Brown eyes like his brothers.....blue like his sisters....or hazel like his mama's?

5.)  A smaller 6 lb 14 ounces like Leanna, or a heavier 7 lb 11 oz like his brother Noah?

6.) What time of day will he be born?

7.) And finally, am I actually going to have time to pack both our bags after labor begins, like I'm hoping, or am I gonna be sending my sister home to dig through my closet for clothes? :)

You'd think after five babies that the excitement would wear off....but it doesn't. Can't wait to hold this little one in my arms and count his little toes :)


Kristin said...

1. Guacamole. Oh wait, I wasn't supposed to answer that! :]

2. Early!

3. Definitely brown hair...

4. ...as well as brown eyes.

5. By the looks of your belly I think he'll be closer to Noah's birth weight.

6. I'm guessing sometime in the evening.

7. You won't have to send me home for clothes, because I have a feeling your bags are already packed :]

Chuck said...

1 Zerubbabel
2 Early, I really feel it will be early, I am not just saying that because I fear your wrath!!
3,4,5,6,7 Can't guess.

Anonymous said...

1.) I know Shaun won't be his middle name. :)

2.) Late...3 days...on Pappy Babe's birthday.

3.) Blonde would be cute...but a dirty blonde like Wray's was/is.

4.) Dark blue

5.)8lb.s 9 oz. like his Pappy Shaun was.... :) :) sorry Jaime.

6.)6a.m. EST...so it is 3a.m. on the west coast so you can wake us up....

7.)time to pack...but you will forget something really important, (like Joel) and have to send Kristin after him!!!!!

THIS WAS FUN....THE QUESTION IS... will this be the last time we get to answer questions like this????? HMmmmmmm....just sayin!!

Anonymous said...

Jaime...the last set of answers were mine....Love ya Dad

Anonymous said...

This is Sarah and I am leaving my guesses!

1. Matthew John Curtis

2. He will arrive 1 day early!

3. No hair!

4. Hazel

5. 8 lbs 2 oz

6. 6:00 pm

7. I already knew the answer to this =]

Anonymous said...

1. Forbidden to say!

2. Right on the due date.

3. Brown hair

4. Brown

5. 8 pounds

6. 8:00 PM

7. I think you will eventually decide to pack before you actually are in labor. :)

Lisa Hernandez

Heidi Redmond said...

I'm always wrong on these... but they are still fun to do; so here are my guesses. :)

1) Ethan Wray Curtis
2)He will arrive 2 days early
3)I think he will have light hair
4)Hazel eyes
5)I think he will be 7 lbs 8 oz.
6)He will arrive in the afternoon (3ish)
7)I think you will be prepared. :)

Yay for Baby 5!


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