Friday, March 30, 2012

In love!!

My handsome sweetheart is finally here! Reagan James arrived this morning weighing 7 lb 15 oz. We are head over heels in love!!!

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Keeping me occupied

When I was pregnant with Cosette, I was only working part-time, so I had plenty of time to sit around, making blankets for the new baby, reading pregnancy magazines, wondering if I was getting enough folic acid, day-dreaming about what the baby would look like, etc, etc.

Fast forward close to eight years. Here I am again, waiting on another new little one....but not alot of time to sit around and daydream about it :) Sometimes, it even escapes my memory temporarily that I could go into labor at any minute!

I promised you pictures this week....well, it took me all the way until Friday to get some, but get some I did! This is how my four munchkins were keeping me occupied today, and my mind OFF of 'when will the baby come'.....

We found new places and ways to take a rest.

We practiced new tricks. (Don't worry, she didn't actually roll all the way over on the hard floor!)

We made awesome lego planes

We curled up in corners and read books. Don't you just love that classic Leanna look? She doesn't yet understand how to 'say cheese', so instead, she opens her mouth wide open like this, haha :)


We took TWO long walks around the block and had our first lunch of the season out on the back deck. Beautiful weather for March!

We learned all about abstract art.

And oh yes, what would one of my posts be without a food picture? Friday night dessert......cream cheese filled chocolate chip cookie bars :)

I hope to be updating on here soon about the arrival of our newest member....but no guarantees, he seems quite content where he is for now :) Due date is Monday.....three days and counting!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Let's hear a loud 'YES'!

As a mother, it's so hard to not feel as if you are constantly saying 'no'. "No, you may not play in the mud under the back porch. No, you may not have a third cookie. No, you may not buy that pack of sugar filled bubble gum. No, you may not watch ten more minutes of the movie. No, you may not smack your brother on the side of the head because he is irritating you. No, you may not eat the magic marker. No, you may not paint your entire face black to look like a leapord. No, you may not wear your sandals outside in the middle of a snow-storm. No, no, no, no, no.........

All day long, it's 'no'.

So you can imagine that when a situation occurs and I find a child doing something 'good' all by themselves, I'm ready to jump up and down (if I weren't so pregnant!) and yell 'Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, you MAY do that, for as LONG as you want!!!!'

A little girl cleaning her room all by herself....
A little boy peacefully putting together puzzles on the school room floor....
Two brothers playing a game together at the dining room table.....
A sweet little lady pushing her baby around in the baby stroller...

These are all 'Yes!' They make my heart sing to find a child doing one of these things!

And the other day, I found my Eli sitting at the kitchen counter, chin in his hands, reading Bible stories out loud to Noah, who was sitting across the counter, quietly listening to him.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, triple times Yes!!!!"

I caught a couple seconds of the precious moment on video---Eli didn't seem to mind :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The simple things

I'm sorry to say that I don't have any pictures of my kids to share again this post. I apologize for that. I know one of the big 'perks' of this blog is grandparents and friends who live far away getting to see bright and cheerful photos of my kids.

I'll be honest, though, and admit that I just haven't thought much about taking pictures lately. The kids are as cute as ever, trust me ;) I just haven't been as quick lately to run and get the camera----maybe it's because 'running' anywhere to get anything these days is, well, difficult. Actually, walking is also difficult too, lol. Don't worry, before too long, baby number five will be here, and then we'll have LOTS of photos to share with you!

In the meantime, here's a quote from the book 'Loving the Little Years' that has been gently nudging me along this week, pushing me to be a more complete Mom to my little ones.

            "When God gives us children, it is work that He is giving us. Work with huge attendant blessings and bonuses, but work nonetheless."

And when I consider that God's Word tells me to 'do your work as unto the Lord'....well, conviction sets in.

I have been trying, as I wash the dried pasta off of dinner pots, not to think things like 'what a low-grade, menial task!' Instead, I've been consciously trying to think things like "Thank you God, for two working hands to serve my family, and help me to serve them with a loving, grateful attitude" When two children run to me crying over what seems like a petty argument, instead of trying to simply 'make peace' as quickly as possible, I've been consciously trying to take the time to 'get to the heart of the issue', talk to my kids, and use the situation as a teaching/training opportunity.

Simple, I know......sometimes it's the simple things that can completely turn your life around!

I'll leave you with that thought to chew on as you go through your week. I'll try to be better about taking pictures this week. :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Countdown begins......

Okay all you long time blog readers. This is the third pregnancy that this blog has seen me through now. You've walked with me through the complications and bed rest of Noah's pregnancy.....the excitement of another baby girl with Leanna's pregnancy....and now, waiting patiently for Baby Curtis number five :)

So, only two weeks until due date, I just couldn't resist. Here's my typical, expected 'When's the baby coming?'  game :) Feel free to answer the questions in a comment---reading your responses always gives me something to laugh at during these last few weeks :)

1.)  What is Baby Curtis' name? (Once again, my sister and Joel's older sister are not allowed to answer this!)

2.) When will baby boy arrive? Early? On time? Late?

3.) Brown hair like his brothers....blond like his older sister's....or no hair at all?

4.) Brown eyes like his like his sisters....or hazel like his mama's?

5.)  A smaller 6 lb 14 ounces like Leanna, or a heavier 7 lb 11 oz like his brother Noah?

6.) What time of day will he be born?

7.) And finally, am I actually going to have time to pack both our bags after labor begins, like I'm hoping, or am I gonna be sending my sister home to dig through my closet for clothes? :)

You'd think after five babies that the excitement would wear off....but it doesn't. Can't wait to hold this little one in my arms and count his little toes :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Once a book worm......ALWAYS a book worm!

I have always been a reader. I remember from the time I was fairly young (maybe 6 or 7?), that my favorite thing to do was curl up on the couch for an entire afternoon with a book. I loved to walk into the library and smell that 'old book smell' :)

Well, fast forward twenty years or so, and my love for reading hasn't changed any. Problem is, it's just harder to find time to read as much! There are no more 'entire afternoons' to curl up on a couch with a good book----but my 'want to read' book list is pages long!

Enter my loving husband. (Have I mentioned lately I'm totally in love with that guy? Okay, just checkin';) Anyway, he suggested that maybe a Kindle would help my reading problems. At first I was opposed to the idea. I like the smell of the books too much....the comfort of turning page after page....

But eventually, I started to see the wisdom in this idea. At my fingertips, for less than a pound, I could have ALL the books I was currently reading in one spot. I could download books for free from the library, without ever having to go there in person. I could get books for waaaaay cheaper from Amazon than buying the 'hardback' version. Best yet, if I was sitting in my house and suddenly realized I wanted to start a particular book, 'shazam', there it would be on my Kindle in a matter of seconds. SWEET!! Don't you love the digital age we're living in?

Well, my brand new Kindle arrived about a week ago. I'm not sure what the 'occasion' was for my husband to buy this for me. It's not my birthday. Maybe it's a 'thanks for carrying our baby for nine months' kind of deal. I think, though, it's just because he loves me ;)  Either way, I've totally fallen for this Kindle thing in seven days time! I take it with me in the comes with me to the doctor's waiting room.....a few pages can be read as a child works out some math problems on their own.....the possibilities for grabbing a few minutes of reading time are now endless!!

So.......all of that was simply an intro for you to a really good book I've been wanting to share! There are oodles of books on my Kindle right now, but the one I'm currently devouring is this:

I'd read good reviews on this book, and wondered if it could be 'all that'....but it is! Some wisdom so far...

" The opportunities for growth and refinement abound here---but you have to be willing. you have to open your heart to the tumble. As you deal with your children, deal with yourself always and first."

Have you ever found that to be true? As you scold your children for being childish, unconsiderate and unkind, you find that your heart is harboring feelings of resentment, bitterness and childishness?

Another golden nugget:

"So make sure that before you start rebuking them your own heart is in order. Thank God for the headache. Thank Him for these prime opportunites to teach. Thank Him for the scuffle that your chidren are currently having over who unbuckled who and why. And then, after your own heart has been sorted out, move on to theirs."

How true that is, and how often I have to remind myself of this!

This book has been SO WORTH every minute spent reading it. Hop on over to Amazon and get yourself a copy (Hint: The kindle version is much cheaper ;)

Here's just a few pictures of my OWN Littles I've been training lately :)

Pretty new hair style for my little lady.

Sweetest three year old I know

Eli in his typical cowboy attire

Oh...hehe, that's a picture of my cereal :) Either my pregnancy brain is causing me to take pictures of my food, or I'm becoming a 'foody', haha. But all the same, isn't it pretty? ;)

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Germs....from a third graders perspective :)

A science paper
By: Cosette Curtis
(All spelling and grammar errors have been unchanged to keep the authenticity of the original document ;) 

A grem is a tiny tiny Living thing that gets sucked up by a cell in our body, a good cell, named a immune cell. The best way to not cach germs is wash your hands with warm water and soup frecwently. Do not share drinks, sillvrwar or food. Do not pick your nose. Wash your hands after you clean the toilet.

                                                                The End

Friday, March 02, 2012


“Cleaning up with children around is like shoveling during a blizzard” – Unknown

I don't know who first said that quote, but it is so true around here :) However, we also know that an orderly house is easier to live in, so we do our best! Everybody helps to try to keep the house functioning and in working order.

Proof of my hard workers......

I learned the value of hard work by working hard
Margaret M Fitzpatrick

Opportunity is missed by most because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work
Thomas Alva Edison


The daily grind of hard work gets a person polished---author unknown

Morning chores.....just a normal part of our daily rhythm :)


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