Monday, February 06, 2012

Quick, hide the markers!!

Okay, so, if you're like one of those moms who loves to sit down and color with her child or cut things out and glue them together with popsicle sticks.....can I just say that you should probably skip reading this blog post? Because if you do, you're going to think I'm some kind of horrible monster-mother.

Why? Because................ "I hate crafts!!!!!"

I don't hate 'real' beautiful homemade quilts, paintings, that type of thing. I'm talking about the first-grade, 'cut up paper, glue pom-poms on a piece of felt, get glitter everywhere' kind of crafts.

So what's the big deal? My son (Eli), loves crafts!!!!!

He will sit for hours cutting paper, gluing paper, using markers, crayons, colored pencils, tape, stickers, paper plates, pipe cleaners, and any other 'crafty' thing he can get his hands on.

And.......he's only five, so getting him to properly clean up everything has been a REAL challenge. Every single time he makes a mess (which is numerous times every single day), I walk into our school/craft/music room and just *sigh*, out loud! (If I don't start crying first!)

And then begins the ordeal that takes forever. "Eli, did you clean up your craft mess?" "No" "Okay, go do that now."

Ten minutes later: "I'm done mom!"

Um......his idea of 'done' is to push all the cuts of paper onto the floor, throw the glue sticks without their lids on the shelf, pick up half of the markers, and put them (usually without lids) into the marker basket so they get all dried out, leave chairs untucked, and just a general 'hodge podge' of stuff all over my floor.

And so goes the next step. "Eli, you are not done. Pick up ALL the markers. Good. Now put the lids back on the glue sticks. Thank you. Now....." And so on and so forth.

Multiple times. Every single day.

Don't get me wrong. I WANT my son to be 'crafty'. He comes up with some clever stuff sometimes, and his drawing skills are improving all the time!

But honestly folks, I'm almost eight months pregnant, and if I have to walk in that school room and see it a total disaster with 'craft' stuff alllllllll over the place one more time, I think I shall........scream!

I try to keep it organized, neat clean and tidy, so it's easy for him to pick up when he's done. All the markers in their own basket, a cup for the colored pencils, neat stacks of paper, etc. But somehow, that boy of mine has a talent of walking into a clean room and making it look like a cyclone went through!

For a person who hates crafts, gets the hives at the mention of a craft store, and would rather scrub the toilet that glue popsicle sticks together......God sure has blessed me with a 'crafty' son!

We'll get through these days, I kow. One day, he'll be a teenager, asking for the car keys, and I'll miss the days when all he needed to make him happy was some paper and markers. That is, IF I don't loose my mind before he becomes a teenager.....haha, just kidding. I think ;)


Anonymous said...

Your last paragraph is so very important. I'm glad you are thinking of that. You will look back on these days and consider them in some ways easier than the older years. I do understand what you are saying otherwise too. So good of you to let him do his crafts and feed his creativity.

Helen said...


Keep going, girl. Just a few more months and he will have that clean up thing figured out!


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