Friday, February 03, 2012

A much-neglected Gift

An open line of communication with the God of the Universe? Yes, please

Someone who cares about every little thing I think, feel, or say, 24/7? Yes, please

Someone who doesn't mind being called upon at 2 a.m.? Yes, please

Someone who has the power to heal sickness, cure heart-ache, forgive sin, and fill every empty, void place in my life? Yes, please!

So.......why DON'T we call on this ONE more often? Good question.

Best advice I've read recently on improving your prayer life: JUST DO IT. Just pray. On your hands and knees, sitting in your chair, laying in your bed, driving in your car, in the middle of the night, while you're washing dishes, as you go through your work day----make your every breathing moment a prayer to the One Who loves you best.

And when best to start making this a way of life? Why, when little ones soak in truth like a sponge, of course :)

We're praying that this year can be a year when our whole family more fully realizes the beauty and blessings that come when time is spent with Almighty God.



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