Thursday, February 09, 2012

And that's how homeschooling goes.....

The morning started out with a fact poster about camels. Cosette is studying the Middle East, you see, and I thought a poster about camels might be a fun project for her to do.

I was right. It fact, she made it look SO fun......


....that pretty soon she had a little brother begging to make his own poster. Only, he wanted to do one about tigers :)


And then, naturally, the next little brother comes to me with thumb in his mouth "Mama, I want to do a poster too!" Monkeys it is, then.....

He was doing a great job writing 'monkey', unitil his hand got tired :)

And so, you see, with homeschooling, you have to be ready to go with the flow :)


Helen said...

So cool - makes me want to do posters, too. Can I have one on rabbits?

Lately I started drawing a poster picture with a friend's son. I drew a house, he added a street and a tractor. I added a garden, he drew vegetables. I added a rabbit, he added a fence so that the carrots would not be eaten.

We were seriously busy for about two hours and didn't get bored once. And he is so proud of our picture now and keeps asking, if we can start another project.

I love getting creative with kids!

Elizabeth said...

This is REALLY cute! :)


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