Wednesday, January 11, 2012

To everything it's season

There is a season for everything, I know. One day, I will have a house full of teenagers, going here and there, with schedules and everybody's busy lives to keep up with.

But that's not now! Right now, I have a house full of babies and young children. We rejoice in the time that we can spend at home together, truly making our 'house' into a 'home'.

My attitude, my peace of mind, my priorities.....they're all a little clearer and better when I'm at home taking care of my family then when I'm out somewhere trying to get a bunch of stuff done and wearing out myself and my children.

So most days, I offer no apologies.....we stay home :) And as the years go by, I am slowly learning that a 'good' home is made up not primarily of clean floors, organized cupboards and carefully planned menus, (although none of these are bad things), but rather of a household of people learning to love each other and find rest in the Lord. I'm learning, on occasion, to ignore the toys on the floor, prop my feet up, and read stories to my babies. Because, what's that old saying? I'm rocking my baby, 'cause babies don't keep.....

A day in our home

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