Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Seventh Birthday, Cosette!

The tea party dishes are washed.....the wrapping paper picked up....the friends gone home....the birthday dinner eaten.....and I have one tired but happy birthday girl :) My sweet Cosette turned SEVEN today! It feels like her first birthday was just yesterday, when she smashed strawberry shortcake all over her face :) Well, she didn't do any smashing today....she had a very 'dignified' tea party with a few of her close friends and cousins. I had so many pictures to share, I thought it would be easiest to just share my slideshow from photobucket. I think there's a button there somewhere you can click if you want to see the whole album of pictures at once.


Anonymous said...

Jaime...thanks for sharing!! Suzanne & I really enjoyed the pictures, and so quickly. Thanks!! Cosette looks like she had a Great day!! And her coat looks like it fits so nicely...we love it on her!
Thanks for being a GREAT MOM and having all those little girls over/even the big girl at the table....LOL!!! Love ya! Dad

Chuck said...

You even did crafts!!!
Jaime Curtis you are an amazing woman!


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