Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sweet aromas

Noah put his nose up to the cup and wrinkled it up. "Uggh, Mom!"

Eli put his nose up as well. "I know that smell mom, but I can't remember what it's it called oil?"

I smiled and assured him that it was not oil. Daddy took the cup and very quickly proclaimed "Vinegar!"

We decide to add that cup to our 'don't like it' side.

Next round.......Noah takes the cup and smiles. Eli says "Mmmmm.....smells nice, like....sugar?" Nope, wrong again, but he has the right idea. Daddy smiles and says "It's cinnamon!"

That cup goes in the 'like it' side.

And so go the rounds....through garlic powder and cocoa powder.

Different smells.......some pleasant, some not so pleasant.

And we're reminded of how our prayers are like 'smells' to God. The Bible tells us that all of the prayers from His children are like 'sweet aromas' to His senses. He LOVES our prayers. Prayers from His children go in the 'like it' side, every time.

Zachariah and Elizabeth also prayed. They prayed hard for a baby boy. And God's immediate answer to their prayer was 'wait'. And so they waited...year after year after loooonnnnggg year.

But when a different answer came, when God finally said 'Yes', Zachariah was in no state of mind to believe. A who would prepare the way for the Messiah....was coming to them...a 'Yes' answer to their prayers....and he was too stubborn to believe.

God always hears our prayers......and He always 'likes' them. Are we ready to accept whatever answer God sends our way, be it "Yes", "No", "Wait" "Perhaps", etc, etc?

Two thousand years ago, God sent a 'Yes' answer to the Jewish people's prayers for a Messiah. The 'Yes' answer was in the form of a Baby Boy. As my children wait for 25 more days through all of Advent for the celebration of the birth of a Baby, we also eagerly await the 2nd coming of Christ....when once again God's answers to his children will be "Yes".

Advent, Day 4....we celebrated. What did your Day 4 look like?

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