Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mornings at our house

Some mornings are just worth sharing. I'm sitting here typing this up while my big kids do their morning chores, Noah brushes his teeth and Leanna finishes her banana. (Ugh...there's that rhyming thing again.) So, anyway, I thought I could grab ten extra blogging minutes or so to give you a smile :)

My boys were sleeping later than normal this morning, so I went in to wake them up. I opened the blinds, turned on the light, and saw this:
Being the loving mother that I am, I immediately ran to grab my camera. I honestly thought he was sound asleep. The lights had been out, he wasn't moving  muscle. I thought "Good grief! Bunk Beds are dangerous!" But then, as I went over to try to gently wake him up and move him back up to his bed, he started to giggle, the little stinker!! He was wide awake the whole time :)

These were our breakfast this morning. Oh.My.Word. They were delicious! Whole wheat English muffins with cream cheese and a simple strawberry sauce. My kids gobbled them up!

The general recipe can be found here, but obviously I tweaked it a bit to make it work for what I had on hand in the fridge/freezer :) (Sorry for the blurry photo---I'm no good at food shots :)

And now, I think that my extra ten stolen minutes are to get school started!

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